Burger Lounge (Temecula, CA)

Holy moly! I was **finally** able to dine here tonight with my son, Gavin. We had stopped by two weeks ago, unknowingly on their private soft opening ‘Friends and Family’ night. While we weren’t able to dine that night, my son and I vowed to stop by later the following week. Well fast forward two weeks and here we are tonight.

From the outside, the location looks small. It inhabits the old Starbucks retail location in a health conscious shopping center. Trader Joes, Bushfire Grill, Earth Bistro, Nektar, and NutritionZone all inhabit the shopping center. The parking is scarce and tight; be warned. You may need to park off to the side lot but it’s not “that far” to walk.

Once you walk inside, you are welcomed and bathed in retro and bright decor. Immediately to your left, you place you order with the cashier. In my visit, I noticed all of the employees smiling and outwardly friendly. Everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy their jobs. From the entrance, and slightly to the left, as a guest, you can see into the super clean kitchen! As a chef, I love the open kitchen concept. I feel that guests who can see their food being prepared feel much better about their meal. I speak from experience. As a guest, I love the open kitchen concept – because I can watch the food being made.

Let’s talk about their awesome menu! It is super simple and concise. Not too many options (like In-N-Out) but that’s okay. Keeping it simple makes the ordering process smooth. My son and I ordered their “Lounge Burger”. You have the option of a 1/4 pound or 1/3 pound patty. Of course we chose the 1/3 pound! Grass-fed and organic beef that is never frozen. The Lounge Burger comes with crisp leafy lettuce, tomatoes, onions (we chose the grilled onions this time) and housemade 1,000 island dressing. Gavin got his burger with organic American cheese; I chose the organic white cheddar. It. was. delicious! The buns were most excellent as well! Very soft and I think they might have been homemade as well. A great compliment to this burger!


They also have a “Classic” burger, turkey burger, veggie quinoa burger and albacore tuna! I can’t wait to try them all!

We also order an order of half fries/half onion rings. This was served in a mini brown lunch bag. Very cute presentation. Please note: when you order this, half of the onion rings are on the bottom, underneath the fries. The other half of the onion rings are piled high on top of the fries.

Now let’s talk about their house-made dipping sauces. Creamy ranch, tomato ketchup, and barbecue sauce. Very very good! Something about their barbecue really hits the mouth! I think it might be roasted garlic? Either way, they are a “must try” when you go!

Drinks…They have fountain drinks at the front registers. So when you order, the cashier will give you a glass or plastic cup (if you’re eating in, versus taking your food to go). But their soda fountain has a twist: their sodas are ‘craft’ soft drinks, made with real cane sugar. So many options! I originally order the ginger root beer but the lovely cashier suggested I have a taste first. As she said, many people mistake that for ginger ale (which was in fact my case!). She gave me a sample to try and I am so glad she suggested this. It tasted crisp of fresh – but it did have a bit of spice at the back end. So I chose their root beer. Gavin ordered their fresh lavender lemonade.

The service was out of this world! The friendly staff waited on us (and the other guests) with drink refills and bringing our food to the table. Granted, this is still their first few weeks so it seems everyone working there was upbeat and genuinely happy to be there. I hope they keep it up! Burger Lounge is a great place! Their food – their drinks – their service – their decor – all top notch! I seriously cannot wait to go back and try other menu items!

FYI: I was told that you can order your Lounge Burger as a “double” – if your cholesterol-laden heart can handle it! lol Seriously though – you gotta go check it out!

Try placing your order online for a quick pick up (instead of waiting in long lines):
Order Online!

Until next time…#FORKTHISPLATE


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