Luna Grill: Temecula!

I normally stay away from the “Mall” in Temecula (aka The Promenade). But the recent launch of PokemonGo has made it a destination spot for players of all ages. (Yes, I am playing PokemonGo – #TeamValor all the way!)

So with that, I take my son with me so we can play the game together – and since we’re both on #TeamValor – we can battle gyms together and take down the other teams faster.

While walking around outside, we noticed a new restaurant that was set to open in a few days: Luna Grill – Fresh Mediterranean. I had asked my son if he’d be interested in trying it out once it opened. “Sure”.  So fast-forward to last week – on our last trip to the Mall before school started (this week!) – we stopped for lunch.


The store front is clean and modern. There is a small seating area outside in front; barely six tables? Nice a quaint. And shaded. Once inside, you are greeted with sharp contrasting lines and colors. Granted, they just opened so EVERYTHING is super clean. But I’d expect them to keep it that way. It is a really beautifully decorated.

Luna Grill Temecula

I noticed that the inside seating was limited as well. As with new places, I researched online first before coming and read others’ reviews about the limited seating. So I found a spot for my son and I at a communal high-top table. There were about five stools on either side. Definitely large enough for ‘strangers’ to dine close together without feeling invasive. It also kinda promotes a sense of community – and being that I love to talk to people – I began chatting with a nice woman whom was sitting across from me.


This chandelier was impressive! This was right above the communal table.

When I went to get my fountain drink, I noticed other seating ‘deeper’ in the restaurant. Seemed cozy and inviting. They have all Coke products (sorry Pepsi fans!). They also have fresh lemonades! My son immediately pour himself their original lemonade. I chose their Pomegranate lemonade. So tart and refreshing! On my refill, I choose to mix some unsweetened iced black tea with my lemonade. Perfection!

Spicy Feta Appetizer



Our appetizer was Spicy Feta. This consisted of a blend of crumbled feta cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, and a variety of spices. It had just enough ‘kick’ to make it spicy but not overpowering. Served with fresh warm soft pita bread. So tasty! My son wasn’t too sure about it – he really never had experienced this type of cuisine. But he loved it! (I also want to note that all of their food is served on real china dishes. Not that cheap polyurethane junk.)



Gyro Quesadilla with Fries


Gavin really didn’t know what to order – so he went with what he “knew” – a Gyro. But I noticed that they have different styles of Gyros – so I suggested he order the Gyro Quesadilla. (Cause all kids love quesadillas, right?!)  His order was a blend of ground beef and ground lamb with tomatoes, onion, and cheese melted between multi-grain flatbread. He had a choice of sides: garden salad, fries, or rice. He chose fries. *figured*

According to him, the meat had a ‘different’ taste. He was referring to the lamb and the exotic spices. But he said he liked it. It was really flavorful – I stole a small piece of the meat from him!



Chipotle Chicken Wrap w/Salad

I ordered their Chipotle Chicken Wrap. The cashier immediately mentioned that this was one of the most popular items guests order. So I definitely felt “safe”! lol The portion size was perfect – not too small and not too overwhelming.

The salad had been tossed with a light vinaigrette. Crisp greens, onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Of course, I ate my salad first. The robust flavor of the vinaigrette was palatable. I’m not usually a fan of vinaigrette – but this one was really really tasty.

Then I moved onto the wrap itself. Hmmmm where to start!? You see that big ol’ nugget of chicken at the opening of the wrap? Yeah, that one. I stabbed it with my fork and took my first taste. Whoa! Not too spicy – but dip it into the chipotle sauce (in that little black souffle cup) and BANG! Explosion of spicy flavors flood my mouth. So good! I continued to eat the wrap, with its warm soft pita bread and crisp veggies. It did get a  little messy towards the end but that was of little concern for me. I was satisfied!

As my son and I sat there and enjoyed our meals, we talked about PokemonGo, the upcoming school year, and miscellaneous gamer stuff. It was nice to just relax and enjoy fresh cooked food in a comfortable setting.

One thing I wanted to share though: Table service. The employees bring your food to your table – and they remove the dirty dishes as well. I saw an older couple waiting to sit down at a booth – but had still yet to be cleared. This sweet old couple just stood there and looked around – I was thinking they were too shy to ask someone? So I caught the attention of the cashier who helped me with my transaction earlier and asked him to clear the table for them. He immediately completed that tasked and the couple sat down, the wife looking over at me, smiling and nodding her head in appreciation. I gave her a “thumbs up” and smiled back. So with this in mind – and the ‘seat yourself’ policy and the limited seating – if you can manage to find an open table, grab it. If it still dirty, you won’t have to wait too long before someone will come by and clean it up for ya.

Cost. Let’s talk about this for a second. I’m not gonna sit here and say that this place to ‘too expensive’ and blah blah blah. You honestly get what you paid for. On the other hand, this place is NOT cheap. Nor is it fast food. It is casual – but everything is made fresh to order. So don’t expect to come in and get your food in five minutes – not gonna happen. I’d suggest calling ahead and placing your order for pick up if you are in a hurry (on a lunch break, etc).

All things considered (one appetizer, two entrees, two beverages, real china plate ware, and real metal flatware) – this wasn’t too bad on the wallet. I spent just under $30 for my son and I for lunch ($15/person). Obviously, you can reduce that cost if you only drink water and/or you don’t get an appetizer. In that way, you’ll even spend less.

I really love this place. I cannot wait to go back and try other items on their menu.

Thanks for reading…and until next time…#FORKTHISPLATE



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