Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo 

So today I’m headed to the Los Angeles Convention Center to attend the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo! I was unable to attend last year (even after receiving a free pass) so there was no way I was going to miss another opportunity to go this year!

I am fortunate enough to have made great connections and networking throughout my culinary career. Early last week, a contact of mine sent me an email, offering me a free pass to this year’s Expo. Hell yeah! 
Stay tuned for updates! Follow me on my Facebook page for LIVE video updates and photos.

If anyone in the LA area wants to link up while I’m in town, just message me.  After I leave the convention, I’ll be headed to Santa Monica Pier for a bit. Then headed south to Huntington Beach Pier. Finally, I’ll end up at Newport Beach Pier before heading back inland to go home. 

Until next time…#ForkThisPlate 


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