Devilicious Eatery…

…This amazing new gastropub is situated in Old Town Temecula, just one block north of the Stampede. It shares the same building with Luke’s On Front and Tabu Sushi – as well as a boutique shop.

The owners, a father and son tandem, are great humble men. They own a food truck by the same name that travels all over Southern California, selling delicious food everywhere they go! This restaurant is their first ‘brick and mortar’ venture and I’m super excited for their success!

Tonight, as my son and I entered the building, we were immediately warmly greeted by an employee. She grabbed two menus and allowed us to choose our own table. We decided to sit near the television on the far wall (the one with the gigantic mural and company logo). The decor is simple, colorful, and ‘industrial’. The floors are a sealed cement style. The finished wood tables are gorgeous. The matching wooden chairs were comfortable.

Our server came by to welcome us and take our drink orders. He gave us a few minutes to look over the menu. Let’s talk about their menu!  It’s simple but chock full of so many choices. My only problem is that I don’t have enough time or money to try everything! Seriously…


Gavin selected the Cubano Grill. Hickory ham, smoked pork, Swiss cheese, garlic pickles, and Dijon on buttered toasted sourdough. Holy smokes! It looked amazing! He had it with a side of house seasoned fries.


I was so conflicted tonight. There were so many items I wanted to try. I’ve had their Pork Belly Melt from their food truck. Totally delicious and a definite favorite. I had eyed their BBBLT sandwich (hickory smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, Jack & cheddar cheese, avocado, sriracha aioli, and a sunny side up fried egg)! The server had recommended this sandwich later on. I definitely want to try this next time.

I ended up ordering their Pork Belly & Jelly sandwich. OMG! This is heaven! Smoked pork belly sandwiched between a brioche bun with strawberry jalapeno jelly and almond butter and fresh sliced strawberries. Say what?! I’m so glad I chose it tonight! I ordered a side salad instead of fries.


This is a super messy sandwich. The combination of the jelly and almond butter with the smoked pork belly is fantastic! The juicy fresh strawberries were a huge bonus on this sandwich. Did I mention it was really messy!? Definitely need some wet naps after devouring this beast.

20150402_181910The aftermath! Look at that jelly residue! If I had been at home, I would have licked the paper. #DontJudge #SorryNotSorry Delicious!

Devilicious Eatery also features 48 craft beers on tap! 48!! Look at that sweet set up!


The staff is very polite and upbeat. Everything in the restaurant was clean (and obviously new!). Both owners, Kenneth and Bob, came out and chatted with my son and I. Those guys are top notch and I wish them and their staff the best of luck and much success! Can’t wait until my next visit!

Check out their Facebook page:  Devilicious Eatery!

Until next time…#ForkThisPlate


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