[CLOSED!] Bully Burgrz in Murrieta!

Unfortunately, a few months after I published this blog posting, Bully Burgz closed its doors. The owner Dan is a great man and well known in our community. I wish him the best in his future endeavors!


Brand new burger restaurant in Murrieta opened just a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to stop by to try their best. Well today I finally had the opportunity!

If you go to search for their address, you might get conflicting locations. I called them to confirm their location. A cheerful young woman answered the phone and graciously provided the accurate information needed.

24660 Jefferson Avenue (Murrieta, CA)

2015-04-30 23.47.31

They are located in a strip mall across from the Farmstead Market, on the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Kalmia Street.


The first thing I noticed when I walked inside was the open kitchen layout. The staff welcomed me warmly. There was only one other patron at the time. The interior was super clean. There were a few tables with polished metal tops and padded chairs. All along the wall, a grey countertop with hightop chairs provided additional seating.


I walked up to the counter and noticed their huge menu board mounted up on the wall above the counter. It consists of simple items: burgers! Instead of breaking my neck looking up at it, the cashier handed me a condensed version on a piece of cardstock. Much easier to read!

She began to go over the various burger options. After telling her that I needed more time, I stepped aside to read the menu further. Five different burgers, one hotdog, and grilled cheese. So many choices! They also offer fresh grilled chicken breast as a substitute for any burger – at no additional cost! And gluten free buns! I finally decided what to order: Bully Melt.

Bully Melt is a hand pressed thick beef patty with three slices of cheese, bacon, grilled onionz, & 1,000 island dressing. All between two toasted pieces of Texas toast. I added a side of regular friez and a fountain drink for only $2.99 more.


I was tempted to order the double patty but glad I didn’t. Take a look! It’s huge! At the first bite, I was sent into a burger bliss! The caramelized onions and 1,000 island dressing were perfect! The beef patty was grilled to perfection! So savory and juicy. I must admit though – it was so greasy but tasty!  Totally not a healthy option but for a cheat meal,  it was worth it. I don’t even want to know – let alone think about – the caloric value of this beast! Let’s move on to the fries…

Oh the fries! I’m not sure how you feel about fries – but I believe that the fries can either make or break the meal. These fries are really good! The texture, temperature, and seasoning all effect a person’s perception of the quality of the fries. These crinkle cut fries were really good! They arrived piping hot and seasoned with a blend of seasonings. Definitely a bit salty but not too bad. I loved the crisp exterior of the fry and the soft hot potato insides.


I haven’t had crinkle cut fries in such a long time. These are awesome!

As I sat and ate my delicious food I watched another patron enter and order a meal too. It was her first time too. It’s nice to see the community come together to support this fledgling restaurant. I hope they do well and continue to grow their business. I might not be able to visit them regularly but I will continue to promote their business.

Check out their websites:



BullyBurgz on Facebook

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My next visit I plan to order their fries with chili and cheese! They look devine!

Until next time… #ForkThisPlate


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