Life in the RA…

So if you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I recently accepted a job as an Assistant Restaurant Manager for RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant. After nine weeks of training, I can honestly say that I feel ready! And apparently so does my superiors!

Just wanted to give y’all an update:

Two weeks after I finished my training, I was sent to work in the San Diego location for two weeks. One of their management team members was sent to Texas to help open a new RA location – so I was sent to San Diego to fill in. No worries! I’ve met some great people down in San Diego and learned so much from this experience.

Right after I finished my two weeks in San Diego, my Regional Manager informed me that I would be working at the RA Sushi location in Tustin, California. At this next assignment, I worked along some familiar faces (I started my training in the Tustin kitchen and sushi bar). I worked in Tustin for four weeks, enjoying my time working there.

Again, after I finished my assignment in Tustin, I was assigned to work at the RA location in West Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey; MDR). This location was short a manager and I was tasked to help until a new manager could be trained. I’ve been working at MDR since November 23rd. I have about one week left until I complete this assignment. Then I’ll be going back to Tustin for two more weeks (until just after New Years).

Throughout this wild ride as a floating manager for RA, I have met amazing staff. I can honestly say that I love my job! And working in new locations has given me the opportunity to seek out and try ‘new’ restaurants in the areas.

I’ll be posting a recap of the different locationsĀ I’ve been to soon – and hope that you’ll put these locations on your radar to check out!

If you have a location you want me to visit and review, send me a message! You can email me at: or DirectMessage me on InstraGram: @ForkThisPlate or on Twitter: @ForkThisPlate

Until next time….#ForkThisPlate


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