Happy New Year!

Well it’s been along twelve months since I began my blog. Over that time, I’ve only made a handful of blog posts. Not nearly as much as I had planned – but as many of you know – life gets in the way at times.

It is my plan to post more – a lot more – in 2016! Ideally, I’d like to post at least once a week. We’ll see how that goes! haha!

After working for four weeks in Marina Del Rey, California for four weeks, I have plenty of pictures and reviews to share from various restaurants and eateries I visited. I really can’t wait!

On a side note: I am now currently working at a location in Tustin, California for the next three months. So if anyone in Orange County (CA) wants to meet up, let me know! I am setting up various ‘appointments’ throughout the OC and LA to visit/review restaurants. Hit me up!

Email: ForkThisPlate@gmail.com

Twitter: @ForkThisPlate

InstrGram: @ForkThisPlate


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