Excited to announce…

Tomorrow evening, I’ll be going to a restaurant in Irvine, California for dinner. I have been invited to stop by via a connection I made several months ago. My hope is that I’ll be given a tour of the facility and the kitchen. I’m looking forward to speaking with the Chef/Kitchen Manager.

This will be my first restaurant review by invite. I’m nervous, no lie. But as a chef and a foodie, I’m always curious about kitchens, menu development, and innovative ideas. I hope to take great pictures that will give my readers a glimpse of the kitchen and restaurant life.

I also can’t wait to taste some of their delicious offerings like Glazed Pork Belly Tacos (with cabbage, corn tortillas, kimchi salsa, spicy sweet soy reduction), Veal & Fontina Meatballs, and Oven Roasted Medjool Dates (with herpes goat cheese, prosciutto, Parmesan). Honestly, I’ll eat whatever they offer. Their simple menu looks inviting and not pretentious. We shall see!

Until next time… #ForkThisPlate


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